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Latest trends in ecommerce marketing and how Magento fits in

Latest trends in ecommerce marketing and how Magento fits in

The eCommerce landscape is constantly evolving. New players are entering the eCommerce market every day. Merchants are witnessing severe competition from both local and global players. To stay successful, retailers and eCommerce solution providers are embracing and adopting new marketing strategies. In this article we will take a closer look at the latest trends in eCommerce marketing and how Magento fits in the big picture.

AI and Chatbots to facilitate personalized shopping

Technology giants such as Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in AI. Businesses across industries are using AI for various reasons – from acquiring new customers to upping customer satisfaction levels. It is predicted that in a few years more than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without humans, using AI and Chatbots.

eCommerce businesses are already using AI to understand consumer behavior by studying how they browse products, the purchasing tendency and buying intent, etc. With these insights they can deliver a personalized shopping experience. The data gathered is then used to make product recommendations and personalized offers to customers.

Latest trends in ecommerce marketing and Magento - AI

For example, Starbucks has recently launched ‘My Starbucks Barista’. This service allows customers to place orders with voice commands and messaging. It utilizes AI to gather data like customer preferences, purchase history, third-party data and contextual information. This data is then used to interact with and service the customers successfully.

AI is also enabling eCommerce businesses to engage in conversational commerce. The chatbot is one tool being used by online retailers to drive a conversation with their customers. It is a great tool to deliver better service and enhance customer satisfaction. Chatbots also reduce the cost of having customer care executives answer queries round the clock.

Magento is using AI in a big way to boost the platform’s functionality – for example in context-based search which focuses on the context of the search rather than on the specific keywords the customer types into the search bar and hence is more relevant. Magento is also using chatbots to provide 24*7 Customer support solutions that are cost-effective.

Another area where Magento is using AI is to develop virtual purchase assistants. Once a customer shows interest in a product, the purchase assistant adds the product to the cart and performs the check-out process on the customer’s behalf. The purchase assistants can also contribute to the customer support process. Using a set of predefined scripts, the platform can understand a customer’s complaint and respond to it faster. This increases customer satisfaction significantly.

Push notifications to increase conversion rates

eCommerce companies are using push notifications extensively to increase conversions. It is mainly used to reduce cart abandonment by notifying site visitors that products have been added to the cart and are ready for check-out. You can also send personalized notifications based on buying patterns and purchase intent that will help boost sales. Magento comes with push notification features that facilitate communication with site visitors even after they have left the site. To take this one step further, Magento will soon be coming up with personalized product pages depending on the customer’s profile.

Increasing organic searches

Latest trends in ecommerce marketing and Magento - Search

A key challenge for new merchants is to get visibility and drive organic traffic to their site. Magento fares well on all SEO features required to drive traffic. The SEO Suite in Magento helps manage SEO settings for all pages and categories and delivers enhanced navigation. It also helps optimize the content which is critical for a site’s success. Magento also comes with the best search features in the market, such as Searchanise. When a customer starts typing Searchanise shows relevant products, collections, and pages along with search suggestions, images, and actual prices feature. This is a perfect upselling tool to boost conversions.

Mobile friendliness

Consumer shopping habits are changing, and mobile is becoming the most preferred shopping channel. To stay relevant, eCommerce sites need to be mobile-friendly. The Magento platform facilitates the creation of mobile-friendly websites. Here are a few tools and services available in the Magento marketplace that will integrate mobile-friendly features into your store:

  • Mobify enhances and manages customer engagement effectively;
  • ShopGate comes integrated with compelling features such as Push Messages, Store Locator, Order Tracking, Mobile SEO, Daily Deals, etc. 
  • TenFoot comes with Design-as-a-Service model that converts the existing Magento site into a fully-fledged mobile-ready online store without any major investments. TenFoot is well known for its SEO, social marketing, deep linking and analytics features.

Efficient Micro interactions

Micro-interactions are subtle nuances that help site visitors confirm their interactions with a site. Micro-interactions can enhance the site experience, provide feedback, and make the navigation easier and more natural. Magento takes care of micro-interactions by enabling the sites to provide a smooth user onboarding experience.

Material Design for clean layouts

Material Design is a design philosophy developed by Google to enhance the user experience. The various themes and layouts are based on grid design patterns to give the site a clean and sleek look. Magento themes and templates follow the Material Design philosophy. The choice of colors, edge-to-edge visuals, the use of white space, etc. allow you to enhance the visual appeal of your Magento site and attract more customers.

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