A team of experts for U.S. health care enterprise client


  • Migrate existing Magento 1 store to Magento 2 and create a new store with different insurers as tenants, managed within a single architecture
  • Meet tight deadline to avoid contractual penalties by the insurers
  • The development agency employed was way behind schedule 2 months before the deadline


  • We provided a team of 6 developers, working directly with the client’s core team
  • Focused on the key problem areas essential to meeting the deadline
  • Helped the client streamline their cumbersome code review procedures while improving the quality


  • Stores launched on time, keeping promises to insurers and avoiding penalties
  • Enabled insurers to have their subdomains, boosting sales by 40%
  • Completed the custom architecture to manage both stores, saving admin time


  • Our developers are now an integral part of the client’s core team
  • Working for the client for 3 years now, renewed for at least two more